Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

Oh-la-la indeed!

Picture all of your girlfriends, champagne, lingerie, pink decor, and fun games. What doesn’t sound good about that? A lingerie bridal shower has all of that, and more!

This type of bridal shower is best for the bride with lots of girlfriends (the more the merrier) because there are so many fun games to be played at this type of shower. I love the ones were each guest brings a pair of panties or lingerie (specifically in the brides size of course!) and they all get hung up on a clothes line. The bride has to try and figure out who picked out which pair. I’ve pinned a few lingerie party games on Pinterest if you are interested in reading more ideas.

While I choose to make this idea board in pink and black, any fun girlie combination will do! Just make sure you get lots of fun décor in coordinating colors to really set the mood.

If a lingerie themed bridal shower isn’t your thing, check out my other idea boards for bridal showers here.

Key elements to this event would be:

  • Color scheme – I went with black and pink, but pink and white, or black and white, or use the brides favorite color.
  • Cute, light snacks and nibbles – we ladies are always trying to watch our figure! Besides, we are there to support the bride, not have a full meal.
  • Décor – go all out girlie! There is likely not going to be any guys there sulking in the corner from pink overload, so bring on the floral, pinks and fluff!
Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

You can see where I’ve used these beautiful images from here….

Images used:

Panty Line – seen on this pin here (has a cute poem that goes with it)

Corset Centerpieces – shared by Hostess with the Mostess

Personalized Lingerie Bottle Openers – by Bebesniklefritz on Etsy

Ooh-la-la Bridal Shower Banner – by ElegantEvee on Etsy

Personalized Corsets Inserts (with Bride’s sizes!) – by Cottonfieldfarm on Etsy

Pink Corset Soap Favors – by BBSoaps on Etsy

Custom Bridal Shower Bingo – by KreativeCupcake on Etsy

Lingerie Zebra Print Bridal Shower Initiations – by PinkSkyPrintables on Etsy

Bride to Be Banner – by BannerCheer on Etsy

Custom Corset Cookies – by 3CSC on Etsy

What is your favorite bridal shower game?