Give {glittery} Thanks

Have you noticed most stores are pretty much skipping thanksgiving décor and going straight to Christmas everything? Well I have!

And while I’m all for Christmas décor, (it is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for) it kind of seems that Thanksgiving gets the short end of the décor stick.

This week I am sharing with you an inspiration board for your thanksgiving 2013 table. I’m obviously a huge fan of glitter anything, but I really love the idea of having a sparkly thanksgiving table. While the traditional orange and tan and yellows are great, they can get a little boring year after year. Plus, if you shop smart, you can get a TON of post-Halloween pumpkins and décor super cheap, and glitter them up yourself to save a bundle.

Give {glittery} Thanks

Give {glittery} Thanks


Images from inspiration board found at:

Thanksgiving Pumpkin and Turkey Cupcake Toppers – made by wishdaisy on Etsy

Autumn Sparkle Stone Coasts Set (perfect hostess gift!) –  made by theends on Etsy

Silver and Gold Glitter Pumpkins – shared here by Parent Map

Fall Burlap Glitter Leaves Banner – made by LittlePumpkinPapers on Etsy

Glittered Monogram Pumpkin – shared by Unoriginal Mom

Glittered Gold Turkey Thanksgiving Place Cards – made by jacolynmurphy on Etsy

{DIY} Thanksgiving Tablescape – shared here on FabHousewife

Gold Glitter Thanksgiving Mason Jars – made by LexiesShop on Etsy


Would you mix up your Thanksgiving table one year for a sparkly look like this?




Cute Candy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Can you imagine a life without candy? Yeah, me either.

It’s especially difficult to envision with all of the candy-lined shelves at what seems like pretty much every store on every corner, with Halloween just days away.

Having said that, what ever happened to the CUTE candy?

Doesn’t it seem like everything on the shelves is plastered with labels and brand names, etc.? What ever happened to that cutesy, bright and colorful, Willy Wonka type candy? THAT is the inspiration for this week’s board. A cute candy birthday party for kids of all ages!

Candy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Candy Themed Birthday Party Ideas


Inspiration images found at:

Printable Birthday Invitation – made by PinkSangriaDesigns on Etsy

Taffy Kabob Party Favors – shared by Capital b

Rice Krispie Treat Sprinkle Cake – shared by Sprinkle Bakes

Lollipop Tree – shared on Playdough to Plato

Gumdrop Birthday Wreath – shared by Joyful Scribblings

DIY Donut Balloons – shared by Studio DIY

Swirly Pop Fruit Pizzas – shared by Hungry Happenings

Candyland Entryway – shared by Farmish Momma

How To Make Giant Lollipop Decorations – share by Glorious Treats

What is your ALL TIME favorite candy?

Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

Halloween on any other day of the week but Saturday (and maybe Friday) is a total bore don’t you think? All of the fun dressing up and going up and generally creating mischief either get completely cancelled or minimized to next to nothing. I remember it being weird going trick or treating late one night, then having to be in school bright and early the next morning – complete fun kill!

Since Halloween is on kind of an awkward day this year, I figured I’d share this fun idea with you:

How about hosting a glitzy girl’s night in for Halloween (at least mid-week Halloween)? Have fun, stay in, and catch up with your girls. Maybe pamper yourself before the upcoming weekend festivities?

Nothing too crazy is required for this little get together. A few sparkly décor pieces and some fun cocktails to sip on and you are good to go! Though I think it’s safe to say sweets are always a good idea.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

See where I got all of these fantastic inspirational pictures from:

Simply Sparkly Pumpkins – shared by The Swell Life

Glittered 3D “Eek” Letter Set – made by iShopALT3 on Etsy

Glitter Halloween Bottles – seen on this pin

Light Up Glitter Halloween Pumpkins – seen on Improvements Catalog

Happy Halloween Wreath – made by NewEnglandWreath on Etsy

Green Glitter Votive Candles – seen on BHG

Gone Batty Glitter Cake Decorations – shared by The Celebration Shoppe

Candy Corn Martini with Pop Rocks Rim – shared by Boulder Locator

Black Widow Halloween Cocktail – shared on Celebrations

Ghosty Meringues – shared by tiel*sk on Flickr

What is your cocktail of choice for girl’s night in?

Costumes + Cocktails Halloween Party {with silhouette accents}

Hello hello!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Halloween reminds me of my biggest weakness for my creative endeavors – creepy stuff.

And you know what? That is ok. When the thought first occurred to me, I was like, “oh no, maybe I’m not the awesome and talented individual that I thought I was.” In pretty much every other situation, if you give me some starting loose ideas for an event and I will RUN with it and come up with a million and a half amazing ideas for it. EXCEPT for the creepy stuff. I don’t personally watch horror movies, I’ve never been to any haunted mansions, or scare parks, and I’m totally ok with that.

At one point, I thought that Halloween was just useless for me since I wasn’t really “into” the scary scene. But as it turns out there are TONS of other avenues! So I will be continuing to share with you MY interpretations and ideas for not-so-scary Halloween party ideas.

This week’s inspiration board is for a Costumes and Cocktails party. Simple, easy and NOT creepy, woot!

Costumes + Cocktails Halloween Party {with silhouette accents}

Costumes + Cocktails Halloween Party {with silhouette accents}

I kept the focus of the details on black silhouettes. The reasoning behind this is to have décor without having HEAVY décor, and that way, when everyone comes dressed up in smashing costumes, the silhouettes will serve as excellent accents, and keep the focus on your guests and their costumes.

Key elements for this type of party:

  • Booze  – and lots of it! Try finding 2-3 signature drinks that have a Halloween twist.
  • Music – there are a bajillion (that many!) Halloween cd’s out there. Theme music is a must for this type of party.
  • Lighting – keep it on “low glow” for optimal impact. There’s nothing in the shadows, right?

Also- if you are in the mood for MORE cocktail party inspiration, check out this post I shared last year for a fun Halloween party:

Halloween Party {for adults only}

See where these spook-tacular images came from:

Rats and Cats Halloween Wooden Silhouettes – made by Western Hospitality on Etsy

Silhouette Cookies – seen on this pin

Cocktails & Costumes Party Printable Invitation – made by RSVPtoKatie on Etsy

Bat Luminary – made by LauraAnnesCreations on Etsy

“A Witch’s Potion” Spooky Cocktail – shared by The Skinny Confidential

Fallen Froggie Shooter – shared by Haim on Drinkedin

Cat Silhouette Décor – shared by Diddle Dumpling

Halloween Silhouette Banner Garland – made by JanieDMattern on Etsy

Halloween Bats Vinyl Wall Decal – made by Msapple on Etsy

If you could dress up as ANYTHING right now for a costume party, what would it be?

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for EVERY Fall Bride

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for EVERY Fall Bride

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for EVERY Fall Bride

Attention autumn brides: (and anyone else who happens to love pretty bouquets!) Check out these incredibly stunning and unique bouquets perfect for a fall wedding!

I love looking at pretty things, don’t you? Let’s skip to the chase and get to browsing!

Annasinclair on Etsy made this autumn rhinestone brooch bouquet:

BrideinBloomWeddings on Etsy made this silk tiger lily autumn bouquet:

BeadFloraJewels on Etsy made this crimson passion french beaded bouquet:

PetalsbyClaire on Etsy made this autumn bouquet with silk mums, roses and calla lilies:

MomoRadRose on Etsy made this rustic pine cone bouquet:

KristinesByDesign on Etsy made this sunflower fall bouquet:

The Flower Patch on Etsy made this spicy dried flower autumn bouquet:

TimelessWedding on Etsy made this autumn bouquet with roses and calla lilies:

Homestead Burlaps on Etsy made this light brown burlap rose arrangement:

Southern Girl Weddings on Etsy made this autumn wedding bouquet with gold pumpkins:

FlowerThyme on Etsy made this handmade paper flower bouquet:

Modage Floral on Etsy made this cascading silk flower bouquet with calla lilies, hydrangeas and roses:

Eliza and Charleston on Etsy made this dusty pink and brown feather bouquet:

SmokyMtnWoodcrafts on Etsy made this woodland wedding themed rustic bouquet:

Fairyfolk Weddings on Etsy made this felt wedding bouquet in oranges, reds and yellows:

Refinerii on Etsy made this metal wedding bouquet with pearls and crystal accents:

Wedding Flower Shop on Etsy made this autumn dew cascading rose bouquet:

*Whew* I think that’s it for now!

When I was putting this collection together I really wanted to make sure I included something for every personality out there. Did you see one out there I missed? Let me know and I’ll add it!

 If you were having a fall wedding RIGHT NOW and had to pick ONE of these bouquets, which would you choose?

Little Monster Bash Ideas


Happy October! I’m so excited it’s October aren’t you? Not so much because I’m a Halloween fan or anything, but more because my holiday decorating whims are a little more justified. The stores near me have already had their fully set up and decorated CHRISTMAS TREES on display for several weeks now….WHY?! I have no idea why, but whatever, they are up.

Today’s inspiration board is for those of you with little monsters of your own. I thought hosting a “monster bash” for the little ones would be soo adorable! I could just imagine a room full of cute little monsters running around….Anyways, staying focused!

I think this would be a wonderful theme for a birthday celebration, or just a traditional Halloween party. But honestly, as a grown adult I would totally go to a cute-sy monster bash! Wouldn’t you?

To get you in the mood, make sure to have this video playing in the background:

Ok, now you are ready:

Little Monster Bash Ideas

Little Monster Bash Ideas


Make sure to go see where all of these cute ideas came from:

Mini Monsters Felted Soap Party Favors – made by Saplingnaturals on Etsy

Monster Party Cupcake Toppers – made by ClaudiaCupcakeLady on Etsy

Creepy Eyeball Cookies – shared on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Green Monster Cake – shared on Modern Parents Messy Kids

Monster Bash Party Invitation – made by PrintSmitten on Etsy

Monster Cookie Sandwiches – shared on Barns & Noodles

Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies – shared on Lil’ Luna

Cute Monster Piñata – shared by Heather B on Catch My Party

Monster Party Hats – made by Mrae on Etsy

What would your monster alter-ego look like?