Little Monster Bash Ideas


Happy October! I’m so excited it’s October aren’t you? Not so much because I’m a Halloween fan or anything, but more because my holiday decorating whims are a little more justified. The stores near me have already had their fully set up and decorated CHRISTMAS TREES on display for several weeks now….WHY?! I have no idea why, but whatever, they are up.

Today’s inspiration board is for those of you with little monsters of your own. I thought hosting a “monster bash” for the little ones would be soo adorable! I could just imagine a room full of cute little monsters running around….Anyways, staying focused!

I think this would be a wonderful theme for a birthday celebration, or just a traditional Halloween party. But honestly, as a grown adult I would totally go to a cute-sy monster bash! Wouldn’t you?

To get you in the mood, make sure to have this video playing in the background:

Ok, now you are ready:

Little Monster Bash Ideas

Little Monster Bash Ideas


Make sure to go see where all of these cute ideas came from:

Mini Monsters Felted Soap Party Favors – made by Saplingnaturals on Etsy

Monster Party Cupcake Toppers – made by ClaudiaCupcakeLady on Etsy

Creepy Eyeball Cookies – shared on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Green Monster Cake – shared on Modern Parents Messy Kids

Monster Bash Party Invitation – made by PrintSmitten on Etsy

Monster Cookie Sandwiches – shared on Barns & Noodles

Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies – shared on Lil’ Luna

Cute Monster Piñata – shared by Heather B on Catch My Party

Monster Party Hats – made by Mrae on Etsy

What would your monster alter-ego look like?


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