Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

Halloween on any other day of the week but Saturday (and maybe Friday) is a total bore don’t you think? All of the fun dressing up and going up and generally creating mischief either get completely cancelled or minimized to next to nothing. I remember it being weird going trick or treating late one night, then having to be in school bright and early the next morning – complete fun kill!

Since Halloween is on kind of an awkward day this year, I figured I’d share this fun idea with you:

How about hosting a glitzy girl’s night in for Halloween (at least mid-week Halloween)? Have fun, stay in, and catch up with your girls. Maybe pamper yourself before the upcoming weekend festivities?

Nothing too crazy is required for this little get together. A few sparkly décor pieces and some fun cocktails to sip on and you are good to go! Though I think it’s safe to say sweets are always a good idea.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

Glitzy Girls Night In {for Halloween}

See where I got all of these fantastic inspirational pictures from:

Simply Sparkly Pumpkins – shared by The Swell Life

Glittered 3D “Eek” Letter Set – made by iShopALT3 on Etsy

Glitter Halloween Bottles – seen on this pin

Light Up Glitter Halloween Pumpkins – seen on Improvements Catalog

Happy Halloween Wreath – made by NewEnglandWreath on Etsy

Green Glitter Votive Candles – seen on BHG

Gone Batty Glitter Cake Decorations – shared by The Celebration Shoppe

Candy Corn Martini with Pop Rocks Rim – shared by Boulder Locator

Black Widow Halloween Cocktail – shared on Celebrations

Ghosty Meringues – shared by tiel*sk on Flickr

What is your cocktail of choice for girl’s night in?


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