Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Do you love peacock feathers?  I do! They are one of my favorite color combinations. Not to mention they naturally have a shimmer and shine to them. This week’s idea board is for a modern and bright peacock wedding.

Why modern and bright? If you were to do a quick search for “peacock weddings”, you’d see tons of beautiful events shared, but so many of them are so dark! Not intentionally, but the colors that people tend to pick out of the feather usually combine into a rather dark and almost dated look.

For this idea board, I really wanted to focus on the bright and vibrant colors in a traditional peacock feather and have those be the front and center part of the design scheme.  I’d love to see this theme used for a young couple, in the middle of summer, looking for a bunch of color at their wedding, but still keeping it clean and modern looking.

Key details for this event:

  • Don’t over do the peacock feather itself – you don’t need to plaster them on everything!
  • Use pops of colors – pick your top two choices, for this event blue and green, and use the other colors as “pops” throughout the event design
  • Keep it clean – for this to work, you need to keep clean lines, keep thinking modern, and don’t get carried away with the peacock clutter that is so easy to get
Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

I got all of these pretty pictures from….

Modern Peacock Cake – shared on Craftsy

Blue Napkin & Peacock Feather Place Setting – seen on this pin

Peacock & Blue Tablescape – shared by A Day to Remember

Peacock Candy Buffet – seen here on Wedding Bee

Peacock Cookies – seen on Arty McGoo

Blue & Peacock Place Setting – shared by Pier 1 on this pin

Green & White Reception Lounge – seen on this pin

Green & White Tablescape – seen on this pin

Peacock Wedding Cookie Favors – by Whimsical Originals DB on Etsy

Peacock Wedding Invitation Suite – by Allis Studio on Etsy

If you were having a peacock wedding, what two colors would you choose to be your main color scheme?