Pop of Purple – Countryside Spring Wedding Ideas

I’m dreaming of a whiiitttteeeee…wedding! I’m actually dreaming of a white wedding with pops of purple. Something beautiful, with lots of fresh flowers in shades of white and cream with pops of purple. I’m thinking lilac purple with an occasional darker shade of purple mixed in. Don’t you think that would be a lovely wedding to attend on a nice spring afternoon? Imagine it, a wedding on a sunny countryside side estate, tons and tons of fresh floral flowers is everywhere, and there’s white flowy fabrics blowing in the breeze. I invasion nothing short of graceful and chic. Here’s what I had in mind:

Pop of Purple – Countryside Spring Wedding Ideas

Pop of Purple – Countryside Spring Wedding Ideas

Be sure what to stop by and see where I found each of these images:

Purple and White Tent Tablescape with Crystal Chandeliers – shared on Hostess with the Mostess by Fresh Events Company

Gardenias and Lavender Rose Satin Wrapped Bouquet – shared by Mindy Weiss

Wedding Invitations with Embossed Roses with Lilac Ribbon – made by Violet Wedding Invitations

White and Lilac Purple Rustic Centerpiece with Fresh Flowers and Candles – shared on WedLuxe

Purple Rose Wedding Cake on Flower Tablescape – shared by Colin Cowie Weddings

Romantic Lilac Outdoor Spring Wedding with Purple Flowers – shared in the Style Me Pretty Vault

Purple French Macarons – shared in a roundup post by MODwedding

Would you love to have a countryside wedding like this?


Colorful Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls

Girls like dinosaurs too!

I never got why boys were always the ones having the dinosaur and ninja themed parties, and girls always had to have the spa or princess themed parties. That is just absurd! Girls can like dinosaurs, ninjas, and event racing themed parties too.

And so to honor the strong, confident girls around the world who want to celebrate among dinos, I have put together this week’s inspiration board, for them. The concept was to have a colorful dinosaur birthday party for girls, which was not completely pink, purple and full of gentility.

But you know what I found? It’s actually pretty hard to find dinosaur themed birthday party posts for girls that are not full of princess crowns, tutus, and bright pink. So I thought I would incorporate lots of vibrant colors throughout to make this event perfect for the dino loving little girl that could care less about a tiara and a doesn’t mind what color her dinosaur friends are.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Colorful Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls by Unique Pastiche Events

Colorful Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls by Unique Pastiche Events


Be sure to see where I found each and every one of these images:

“Girls like dinosaurs too” T-shirt – sold via CafePress by WhiteDogBlackDog

Printable Dinosaur Food Signs – created and sold by iwedfred on Etsy

Dino Tails Favors – shared by Buggie and Jellybean

Dinosaur Party Cutlery and Napkin Flatware Set – created and sold by MadHatterPartyBox on Etsy

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Video Tutorial – shared by My Cake School

Krispy Colorful Eggs (Dino Eggs) – recipe shared by The Pioneer Woman

Digital Girl Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation in Green and Orange – created and sold by ZoeyBlueDesigns on Etsy

Green, Blue, and Purple Polka Dot Balloons with Dinosaur Weights as Table Décor – shared by Craftiness is not Optional

Dinosaur Birthday Party Hat – created and sold by PoshBoxParties on Etsy

Colorful Dinosaur Track Print Biscuits / Cookies – recipe shared by Tesco

Personalized Dinosaur Birthday Party Favor Bags – created and sold by ShopPsychobaby on Etsy

DIY Dinosaur Party Plate Tutorial – shared by Spaceships and Laser Beams

I think there is just the right balance of femininity in this week’s birthday party idea board, what do you think?

Oh – if you need more ideas: stop by my Pinterest board dedicated to all things dinosaur party ideas.

**UPDATE** Check out my DIY decor and party site A Sparkly Life for Me to see some cute DIY Dino party tablescapes!


Moss and Bunnies Inspired Easter Morning Brunch

What age does Easter stop being fun? Is it when you too old to be invited to the egg hunts? Or when you realize that you can get Reese’s year round, they just aren’t shaped like eggs?

Living in Florida, we have a very short month or two (January and February, MAAAYYYBE a little of March) where we don’t need to run the air condition, and it’s actually pleasant to go outside. I consider that both winter and spring for us. Kind of like a two for one season! You can imagine the number of Easter egg hunts I grew up with where there were mosquitoes out in full force, or the sun had already melted the chocolate, even early in the morning. Sure, as a kid it was fun and what did we care there was chocolate; but in retrospect I find myself wondering what an Easter up north would be like.

I expect there would be lots of fresh, colorful flowers that would be welcomed after a proper winter. And, of course, somehow everyone would have cute, moss covered bunnies around, because what else would you decorate for spring with, right? Mostly I just really want to decorate my home with them, but they always seem so out of place. So I thought it would be a great combination for this week’s party idea board to mix the softly textured moss bunnies, with vibrant yellow elements, found in the daffodil table décor and napkins. The moss covered rabbits are adorable, aren’t they?

Here’s what I had in mind:

Moss and Bunnies Inspired Easter Morning Brunch

Moss and Bunnies Inspired Easter Morning Brunch

Be sure to check out where I found each of these images:

Moss Covered Spring Bunnies – shared in the Style Me Pretty Vault

Spring Easter Bunny Wreath Moss Wreath – made by donnahubbard on Etsy

Topiary Bunny Yard – shared on POPSUGAR

Spring Party Food Buffet – shared by StoneGable

Yellow Bunny Napkin Folding Material – tutorial shared by Tortelina

Spring Daffodil and Moss Easter Table Setting – shared by Between Naps on the Porch

Digital Easter Brunch Invitation – created and sold by SugarSpiceInvitation on Etsy

Rustic Realistic Moss Bunny Cookies – tutorial and recipe shared by Semi Sweet Designs

Bunny Rabbit Party Favors – shared on Kara’s Party Ideas


Do you still have fun at Easter as an adult? Or do you just enjoy visiting with family and friends?

Pink Carnation Inspired Spring Soiree – Party Ideas

Does it feel like spring near you, or is it starting to feel more like summer? This week we have been in the mid 80’s all week, and we are already having to run our AC. I’m trying SO hard not to get into “summer clothes” mode so early in the year, but it is hard with this weather!

So to help me try and cherish whatever spring we have left here in Florida, I’ve put together an adorable pink carnation party idea board. This soiree can be used for any get together you have coming up. I’m thinking baby showers, a bridal party, or even a birthday party with the girls. Carnations are such a versatile flower, and hold up very well. The sphere arrangements you see throughout the party inspiration board give this idea board a more modern vibe, don’t you think?

Here’s what I had in mind:

Pink Carnation Inspired Spring Soiree - Party Ideas

Pink Carnation Inspired Spring Soiree – Party Ideas

Be sure to stop by and see where each of these images were found:

Pink and White Carnation Floral Sphere Centerpieces – shared in the Style Me Pretty Vault

Carnation Flower Photo Backdrop Tutorial – shared by A Practical Wedding

Pink Carnation Flower Cupcakes – spotted on Pinterest

Champagne Glass Tower Station – shared in the Style Me Pretty Vault

Pink Carnation Flower Escort Card Bed – shared on Elizabeth Anne Designs

Pink Cocktail Tables with Pink Carnation Centerpiece Wreath – spotted on Pinterest

Champagne Bottle Display with Frozen Flowers in Ice – shared in a round up post on OMG Lifestyle Blog

Pink Ruffle Cake –created and shared by Christina of Sweet Escape Cakes

Pink and Glass Sweet Dessert Table – shared on Catch My Party

Pink Floating Carnation Flowers Pool Spheres – spotted on Pinterest

Pink and White Carnation Flowers Sphere Table Décor – shared on United with Love

Are you a fan of carnations at your party? Or do you prefer different flowers at your celebrations?

Spring Peach Blossoms and Ribbon Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Did you know that March 3 is Peach Blossom Day? Or that February 28 is Floral Design Day?

That’s ok, I didn’t either. But after finding out that the two holidays were so close to each other, I thought, why not combine the two? They do go hand in hand.

And with that idea in mind, I put together this springtime peach blossom bridal shower party idea board with accents of flowy ribbon and fabric strands to balance out the organic nature of the flowers and food. This is a very soft and feminine soiree, just like the peach blossoms celebrated- and absolutely perfect for a springtime bridal shower.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Spring Peach Blossoms and Ribbon Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Spring Peach Blossoms and Ribbon Bridal Shower Party Ideas


Be sure to stop by where each of these images were found:

Peach Filled Cake with Dulce de Leche Buttercream Recipe – shared by Smells Like Home

Pink Maison Stock Flowers – shared by Maria Starzyk on Flickr

Country Chic Peach Blossom Bridal Shower Invitation – created and sold by LifeOnPurpose on Etsy

Peach, Pink, and Gold Ribbon Chandelier – shared by Maine Season Events on WeddingWire

Peach Pashmina Guest Wrap Party Favor – shared on Bridal Musings

Haru’s Cherry Blossom Cocktail – recipe shared by Polka Dot Made Weddings

Coral Verbena Stems Table Settings – shared on EAB Designs

Blush, Nude, Rose Quartz, Peach, with Silver Sparkle Sequin Fabric Ribbon Backdrop – created and sold by ohMYcharley on Etsy

Whimsical Floral Menus – created and sold by BoJackStudios on Etsy

Peach and Pink Flowers in Mason Jars – spotted on Pinterest

Blush, Peach, and Emerald Wedding Centerpiece – shared on Wedding Sparrow

Rosette Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies – recipe and tutorial shared by Simply Suzanne’s

Spring Blossom Bridal Shower Date Jar Card Printable – created and sold by MaggieJDesigns on Etsy

Did you know that March 3 is Peach Blossom Day? Or that February 28 is Floral Design Day?