11 Kid’s Science Themed Party Ideas

Looking for a different theme for children’s birthday parties? Tired of seeing the cowboy or princess party every other weekend? Why not go for something fun and unexplored, and try hosting a science themed birthday party?

Not only is it not something you see in a cookie-cutter box store, but it has lots of opportunity to bring in fun learning and exploration possibilities. I especially am fond of it because it is a way to make science and curiosity fun for kids, but also a theme that girls and boys alike can share, without any gender bias.

To help get you brain flowing with ideas, I’ve put together 11 of my favorite ideas for a kids science themed party. Of course, they can be used together or apart, but they cover all of the major elements you’d want at a party like this. A cool food display, fun treats, and of course lots of decor ideas to make the day extra special. Here they are:

11 Kid’s Science Themed Party Ideas
11 Kid’s Science Themed Party Ideas

Be sure to see where I found each element from this week’s party ideas and inspiration board:

Lab Security Scan Entrance – spotted on Pinterest

Science Lab Party Food Buffet Display – shared by Michelle’s Party Plan-It

Petri Dish Jelly Party Treats – shared in a roundup post by Hip Hip Hooray

DIY Printable Mad Scientist Badge – created and shared by Rays of Bliss

Chocolate Science Molecule Printable Party Favor Wrapper – shared by Hostess with the Mostess

Kid’s Science Themed Dessert Station – shared by Emily Waltenbaugh on Kara’s Party Ideas

DIY Molecule Decor – tutorial by Style be Emily Henderson

Dry Ice Science Beaker Drink – shared by Penny’s Parties

Printable Science Birthday Invitation – created and sold by ThePartyDarlingLLC on Etsy

Kid’s Tiered Science Themed Birthday Cake – spotted on Pinterest

Bio-hazard Lab Birthday Favor Treat Box – shared by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Don’t forget to pin your favorites for future reference:

Need more ideas for a science or medical themed party? Check out my board on Pinterest dedicated to all things science and medical party ideas. I’ve pinned a lot of great party activities that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Have you ever attended a science themed party before?



Ninja Birthday Party Ideas (DIY Friendly)


That’s right. You’ve just been ninja chopped. I bet you didn’t see me coming with my stealth like ninja skills!

In case you haven’t guessed yet, ninjas are the theme of the week! This week’s inspiration board is focused on a boy’s birthday party – ninja style!

Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

Make sure to check out my Ninja Party board on Pinterest. I’ve got tons of ideas and activities there as well.

All of the images I’ve used in this inspiration board have a home! See where they were originally shared at:

Ninja Party Bags – Shared by Haven’t You Always Wanted A Monkey?

DIY Ninja Piñata – Shared by Roe and Lee

Ninja Cookies and Sushi – Shared by Anders Ruff

Ninja Training Cards – Shared by Blonde Designs

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies – Shared by I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Martial Arts Twister Game – Shared by Party Planning Now

Ninja Birthday Invitation – by Sprout My Party on Etsy

If you were a ninja, what would your enemies know you as?