Ninja Birthday Party Ideas (DIY Friendly)


That’s right. You’ve just been ninja chopped. I bet you didn’t see me coming with my stealth like ninja skills!

In case you haven’t guessed yet, ninjas are the theme of the week! This week’s inspiration board is focused on a boy’s birthday party – ninja style!

Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

Make sure to check out my Ninja Party board on Pinterest. I’ve got tons of ideas and activities there as well.

All of the images I’ve used in this inspiration board have a home! See where they were originally shared at:

Ninja Party Bags – Shared by Haven’t You Always Wanted A Monkey?

DIY Ninja Piñata – Shared by Roe and Lee

Ninja Cookies and Sushi – Shared by Anders Ruff

Ninja Training Cards – Shared by Blonde Designs

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies – Shared by I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Martial Arts Twister Game – Shared by Party Planning Now

Ninja Birthday Invitation – by Sprout My Party on Etsy

If you were a ninja, what would your enemies know you as?


3 thoughts on “Ninja Birthday Party Ideas (DIY Friendly)

  1. My boys would love this theme, they’re always running around the house acting like they’re ninja’s. Thanks for sharing on Fluster’s Creative Muster. Now that you found our party I hope that you’ll continue to join us every Tuesday evening.


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