What exactly DOES Unique Pastiche Events mean?


Well let’s start by breaking it down:

Unique – I think you already know what this means, but to me it means like no other. Unparalleled and incomparable.

Pastiche – often referred to as a combination of materials from different sources. A little of this, a little of that. Think “eclecticism in art.”

Events – any type of social gathering or activity. Social events, which are my favorites, include everything from weddings and birthdays, to engagement, retirement and holiday parties, and even helping plan the most perfect proposals. That list doesn’t even begin to cover the range of options in between. Anything where there are people in a place, for a purpose, is the most basic form of an event.

Unique Pastiche Event Design and InspirationUnique Pastiche Event Design and Inspiration

Unique Pastiche Event Design and Inspiration

So if you combine them all together, you get Unique Pastiche Events! Events that are fresh and new, with personalized touches, and elements sourced from unusual and nontraditional places. It is the extra details that are incorporated and mixed into these events from start to finish that wow not only your guests, but your own imagination.

My goal for Unique Pastiche Events is to become a leader in event design. I’d like to be constantly pushing the standard and blowing away minds, party after party, with the latest and most amazing designs out there.


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