Cobalt Blue + Gold Holiday Dinner Party

Are you feeling abundantly dosed in Christmas yet?

I swear everywhere I turn there is a red and green Christmas tree covered in glitter. And trust me, I’m a HUGE fan of glitter, but I am a little bored with the red and green. I know, I know, they are the “traditional” Christmas colors.

But answer me honestly; have you really NEVER gotten just the tiniest drop of annoyance seeing red and green everywhere? Something tells me you likely had at one point or another.

Today I wanted to share with you some inspiration for those of you potentially hosting your own dinner party this holiday season. Why not consider a nice cobalt blue and bright yellow gold? They mix up the traditional holiday décor so well, and transition beautifully into New Year’s celebrations.

Cobalt Blue + Gold Holiday Dinner Party

Cobalt Blue + Gold Holiday Dinner Party
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Images Used:

Gold and Blue Foil Cupcake Liners – sold by LulusCupcakeBoutique on Etsy

Blue and Gold Christmas Tablescape – found on this pin

Holiday Table Runner in Gold – sold by furnitologist on Etsy

Blue and Gold Ornament Garland – found on this pin

Premium Artificial Christmas Tree in Blue and Gold – sold by NakedAndTrimmedTrees on Etsy

“Oh, So Bold Blue and Gold Christmas Wreath” – shared by Chera Charlton on Pinterest here

Moravian Star Christmas Card Set – sold by orangecatart on Etsy

What is your favorite color combination for decorating during the holidays?


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