Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

You know what’s NOT fun? Back to school anything. Every year it seems like kids summers are getting shorter and shorter. This year I saw “back to school” ads as early as June! Some kids are still IN school in June. That is just crazy. I ask you, what is the world coming to?

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, moral of the story is we need to help make summer last! I’d make it a national campaign if I had the funding…… Now I get it, not everyone lives beach side, or has beach worthy weather year round, I get it I do. BUT if the weather is right, I think you could host a beach themed birthday party (or end of summer party) up through August, maybe even early September. And why shouldn’t you really? Think of it as a grand finale, a final sunset if you will, to summer.

Here is my mood board for hosting a party such as this:

Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

Make sure to check out all of the lovely places I sourced these images from:

Beach Ball Cake Pops – by Bakerella

Sand Cups Party Treats – shared by Rebecca Mealey

Sunburnt Punch – shared by Jaclyn D

Sand Dollar Cookies – seen on Diamonds For Dessert

Palm Tree Straws – seen on Country Woman

Palm Tree Backdrop (with tutorial) – shared by Mimi’s Dollhouse

Summer Cake Pops – by Sweet Whimsy Shop on Etsy

Beach Themed Cookies – by LovinOvenCookies on Etsy

Flip Flop Cookies – shared by Kara’s Party Ideas

DIY Beach Ball Garland – shared on Studio DIY

Crab Sandwiches – seen on this pin

Beach Invitations – by NHACreatives on Etsy

If you could have any one part of summer year round, what would it be and why?


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