Enchanted Evening Garden Party Ideas

Hello, whimsy! This week I am taking a step back away from modern or industrial event decor ideas, and sharing a classic enchanted evening garden party idea board. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of ideas on the internet that are all so magical and enchanted. I’ve picked just a few of my favorite to share with you this week. Given the fact that the options and ideas are limitless, I choose to hone in on elements that I believe to be must haves for any event. To me, these are the make or break elements that really bring your theme from concept to reality.

For example, if you were to throw an enchanted evening garden party, some of the most important elements would be the table decor and the fairy lights. Ideally, a themed invitation and entryway would be incorporated into your design, to help set the mood. And in today’s modern world, a magical photo backdrop to remember the evening by is a must.

Here’s what I had in mind for this enchanted evening garden party ideas board:

Enchanted Evening Garden Party Ideas

Enchanted Evening Garden Party Ideas

I’ve shared a number of other enchanted and fairy inspired boards in the past, you can see those HERE. And if you’d like even more inspiration, I suggest checking out THIS board on Pinterest, where I pin all of my favorite ideas for butterfly – fairy – garden parties and weddings.

Be sure to see where I found the inspirational elements in this week’s party decor ideas board:

Enchanted Forest Firefly Invitation – available by Soumya’s Invitations

Enchanted Forest Evening Perimeter Decor – shared by RoninWarriorRyou on DeviantArt

Forest Inspired Tablescape – shared by Green Wedding Shoes

Illuminated Moss Covered Jar with Butterfly Accent – found on Tumblr

Mia’s Enchanted Forest Wooden Sign – shared by Louise Sanders of Sunshine Parties on Kara’s Party Ideas

Don’t forget to pin your favorite elements for future reference:

Have you ever attended an event that was themed “enchanted garden”? What was it like?



Eclectic and Colorful Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Bright and bold, full of sunny colors and vibrant accents, this week’s party idea board is the perfect eclectic mix to celebrate mother’s day this year. Mixed florals and textures combine to create this color heavy summery party inspiration board while still looking cohesive and put together.

The balance is in the black and white accents you see here and there. The white table highlights the bright floral centerpieces, while a black and white background helps amplify the fresh flowers in their summer shades. The flat black and white elements really work well together to help make the mix of textures and colors stand out.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Eclectic and Colorful Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Eclectic and Colorful Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Be sure to see where I found each of this week’s inspirational party pictures:

Dessert Macaroon Display in Colorful Shades of Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Lemon and Lime – shared on Bridal Musings

Vibrant Flowers “MOM” Food Buffet with Black and White Stripes – spotted on Pinterest

Eclectic and Colorful Photo Booth Back Drop – shared by Rock N Roll Bride

Bold Tropical Inspired Flower Centerpieces – shared by Alchemy: Fine Events and Invitations

Tall, Eclectic Focal Centerpiece Décor with Colorful Bud Vases – shared on Ruffled

Of course I think this week’s party idea board is fantastic for any mother’s day celebration, but why stop there? I could easily see this design translated into a birthday party, a fun summer wedding theme, or even a women’s luncheon.

What other type of celebration could you see a colorful design like this featured?



My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas

Each week I try and share my latest inspired party or wedding idea board with you. This week, however, I’m sharing something I can’t get enough of. I’m sharing with you my all-time, favorite Harry Potter party ideas. If you follow either of my accounts on Pinterest you are most likely familiar with this board, this one, or maybe even this one. I’m a huge fan, to say the least. This week is all of my favorite Harry Potter party ideas combined into one magical party.

Someday I hope to be able to throw a party in my own home as themed out as this:

My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas by Unique Pastiche Events

Be sure to find all of the details for each image on the links below the pictures:

Marauder’s Map Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Printable – created and sold by PrintyMuch on Etsy

Harry Potter Caramel Sorting Hat – tutorial shared on Candy Bar Cupcakes

Galaxy Night Sky and Floating Candles Décor – shared on Eating Bender

3 Tier Harry Potter Cake – shared by Oakleaf Cakes on Flickr

“Have You Seen This Wizard?” Harry Potter Photo Booth – shared on Fun-Filled Flicks

Harry Potter Personalized House Ribbon – created and sold by didgeandstitch on Etsy

Harry Potter House Banner Décor – shared on Home Stories A to Z

Mandrake Cupcakes – spotted on Pinterest

In Case of Dementor Attack Eat Me Candies – shared on See Suzy Spin

Printable Halloween Book Covers – shared on Little House on the Corner

Hogwarts Cookies – shared by Lucy Samuels on Flickr

Hogwarts House Colors Checkered Cake – recipe and tutorial shared by Bakingdom

Glitter Potion Bottle – tutorial shared on Scrapbook.com

Fold Your Own Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Box with Wizard Cards Printable – created and sold by RockYourWalls on Etsy


Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?