My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas

Each week I try and share my latest inspired party or wedding idea board with you. This week, however, I’m sharing something I can’t get enough of. I’m sharing with you my all-time, favorite Harry Potter party ideas. If you follow either of my accounts on Pinterest you are most likely familiar with this board, this one, or maybe even this one. I’m a huge fan, to say the least. This week is all of my favorite Harry Potter party ideas combined into one magical party.

Someday I hope to be able to throw a party in my own home as themed out as this:

My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas by Unique Pastiche Events

Be sure to find all of the details for each image on the links below the pictures:

Marauder’s Map Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Printable – created and sold by PrintyMuch on Etsy

Harry Potter Caramel Sorting Hat – tutorial shared on Candy Bar Cupcakes

Galaxy Night Sky and Floating Candles Décor – shared on Eating Bender

3 Tier Harry Potter Cake – shared by Oakleaf Cakes on Flickr

“Have You Seen This Wizard?” Harry Potter Photo Booth – shared on Fun-Filled Flicks

Harry Potter Personalized House Ribbon – created and sold by didgeandstitch on Etsy

Harry Potter House Banner Décor – shared on Home Stories A to Z

Mandrake Cupcakes – spotted on Pinterest

In Case of Dementor Attack Eat Me Candies – shared on See Suzy Spin

Printable Halloween Book Covers – shared on Little House on the Corner

Hogwarts Cookies – shared by Lucy Samuels on Flickr

Hogwarts House Colors Checkered Cake – recipe and tutorial shared by Bakingdom

Glitter Potion Bottle – tutorial shared on

Fold Your Own Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Box with Wizard Cards Printable – created and sold by RockYourWalls on Etsy


Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?



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