Wine and Cheese Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuu!

Ok, well maybe it is not ACTUALLY your birthday. Yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t start dropping hints now! This week’s party inspiration is all about wine and cheese, and how you can turn them into an entire birthday bash.

This party is perfect for foodies, or people you want to throw a surprise bash for, but know they won’t really like.

Key elements for this event:

  • Tons of selection – this goes for wine AND cheeses! Don’t just get what you like, everyone’s gotta eat!
  • Other options – not everything can be wine and cheese, there is always someone who doesn’t like it, and see above about selection.
  • Light music – this is going to be a mix and mingle event (more than likely) so don’t let there be any awkward silence. Pandora can help you find some light background music if you need a last minute fix.

If you are looking for pairing ideas or just a lite of basic wines and cheeses to choose from, check out my board on Pinterest devoted specifically to Wine & Cheese Parties. I’ve got several good charts and infographics that will likely help you out when deciding what to pick up.

Oh, and make sure to check out where I got all of these lovely images:

Bite Sized Bake Brie – recipe shared by Joy the Baker

Wine and Cheese Birthday Cake – seen on this pin

Traditional Bruschetta (with recipe!) – shared by A Rosy Note

Olive Oil Dipping Bar – seen on this pin

Bag of Grapes – shared by Ruffled

Wine and Cheese Cupcakes – shared by Cupcakeando

Wine and Cheese Birthday Party Invitations  – created by Greylelin on Etsy

Chalkboard Wine & Cheese Spread – seen on this pin

What is your favorite type of wine to sip on at a party?


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