Sophisticated Blush, Gold, and White Gala with Crystal Accents

What comes to mind with you think “black tie gala”? Is it the gowns, the champagne, or the socializing? Do you ever think of associating the color blush in a fundraiser or gala setting? It’s easy to disassociate the two, as blush is a popular choice for weddings year round; however I think it’s worth […]

Gold Glitter and Pastel Shades Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

The cuteness! It’s taking over Pinterest. Unicorns are EVERYWHERE, like an adorable plague of happiness and glitter. And to be honest, I’m not even mad! While we are being honest, I’m not even a super unicorn fan. I mean, I don’t HATE unicorns, no, but I was never like “OH MY GOSH UNICORN EVERYTHING”. But […]

Sophisticated Green Velvet Winter Wedding Decor with Gold

There was a time I was fearful that I had run out of things to see and discover on Pinterest, but oh how wrong I was! I have found several, absolutely one of a kind images the last few days, and have had an overwhelming sense of inspiration and ideas come to mind after discovering […]

Golden Pineapple – Summer Party Ideas

What a colorful summer it’s been, here on the blog! I’ve been loving the combination of vibrant summery hues with strong golds lately. If you were to take a look at some of my most recent posts, you’d see all the color I’ve been incorporating in all sorts of interesting elements for each event. This […]

Modern Gold and White Holiday Dinner Party

Are you a fan of modern Christmas decorations? Or do you prefer the more traditional look? When I saw this beautiful dining room the other day, I just KNEW this week’s inspiration board would be centered on it. It’s beautiful, modern, elegant and simple. All the characteristics I like in a design. I was envisioning […]

Blue + Gold Agate Wedding Ideas

Refined, but natural. Elegant, but effortless. Those were some of the words I kept in the front of my mind when putting together this week’s idea board. It had to be a wedding, no doubt about that, but it had to be something easy spirited, relaxed even. Having said that, here’s what I ended up […]

Lingerie Shower in Mint and Gold

Breathe in……breath out! I always find a nice big breath of fresh air to be so relaxing. And there is something so refreshing and relaxing about mint and gold. That combination is always so fresh to me. This week I used that color combo as the inspiration for this lingerie bridal shower. I love the […]

Navy, Mint, Peach + Gold Bridal Shower

Hello! This week is all about colors! Not just bright and bold, but those sought after spring tones. I’m lucky to not have any sort of serious winter season here in Florida, but still appreciate spring themed parties. We tend to enjoy the few days out of the year it is not excessively hot and […]

Black, Gold + Sequin Celebration Inspiration

You know, all that’s missing from this week’s inspiration board is a nice bottle of champagne. Or maybe a champagne tower, you know, with the glasses overflowing with champagne being poured down, layer by layer. Yup, that’s really all this needs. My natural instinct is the make this into a wedding theme, but to be […]