Luxurious Halloween Wedding – with Ravens

You know I love a fun, unusual wedding. I pin a LOT of great ideas for that couple who wants something….a little more unique.

But I feel like I ALWAYS see comments or responses along the lines of, “I could never do that,” or “it’s too far out there for me,” or any variation along those lines. And to that, I always think: is it?

Is it really that far out there? Is there REALLY that big of a difference if a color is blue not white? Can it really have a detrimental effect on your wedding? Or at your next party?

For some, it seems that way. Others, have no second thoughts about it. The debate will go on forever, and there is no wrong or right answer. But with increased socializing and media sharing, I believe it will become more and more socially acceptable to trade in some traditions to see new ideas brought to the wedding world. Or at least I hope so!

This week I’ve challenged myself to come up with something that falls halfway between the traditional white wedding, and the all-out goth wedding. White and gold, with subtle touches of black raven make for a very interesting design. The perfect detail that I think brings it all together is the unusual invitation.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Luxurious Halloween Wedding – with Ravens

Check out the links below to find out where I found all of these pieces:

Black and Gold Table Design – created and shared on Hey Gorgeous Events

White, Gold, and Black Masquerade Bird Masks – spotted on Pinterest

Black Feather and Peacock Bouquet – created and sold by ColorOfmay on Etsy

“The Birds” Raven Cookies – tutorial shared on Camille Styles

Black and White Raven Cake – shared in a round up post on MODWedding

White and Crystal Lounge with Black Raven Décor – spotted on Pinterest

Black Feather Décor – spotted in this round up post on Deco Crush

Crow Décor and Black Feathered Wreath – shared on Midwest Living

Feather Neckpiece – spotted on Cultivnation Tumblr

“Crack Me” Black Raven Egg Invitations – custom made and sold by LittleElephantCrafts on Etsy

Could you do a Halloween wedding like this?


Modern Magnolia Wedding Ideas

Let’s celebrate Wedding Wednesday today with this modern magnolia infused wedding. I am absolutely crazy about this simplistically elegant wedding. The botanical accents scattered lightly throughout are a nice alternative to the traditional floral arrangements and décor.

Not only are the design elements in this week’s wedding idea board beautiful and affordable, but they are also fairly easy for a DIY bride to take on herself, should she choose to accept a challenge like this.

Here’s what I had in mind:

Modern Magnolia Wedding Ideas

See where these wonderful, inspirational images were found:

Over-sized Paper Magnolia Bouquet – shared on a roundup post over on Wedding Party

Modern Magnolia and Linen Wedding Alter – shared on Style Me Pretty

Letterpress Wedding Invitation Magnolia Design – created and sold by CHATHAMandCARON on Etsy

White on White Magnolia Cake – spotted on Pinterest

Magnolia Boutonniere – shared on Snippet and Ink

Magnolia Leaves in a Silver Bowl Centerpiece – shared on Elizabeth Anne Designs

What do you think of this week’s modern and simplistic wedding?

Rainbows and Butterflies….with a Side of Chocolate – Soiree Party Ideas

How perfect would you consider your birthday if you had pretty butterfly decorations, colorful fruit to nibble on, and decadent chocolate brownies to savor? I know I’d be thrilled.

You really can’t go wrong with these three elements being the center of attention at your next bash. Be it a bridal, birthday, baby, or just a get together with the girls, rainbows and butterflies…..with a side of chocolate, how can you go wrong? Here’s what I had in mind for this upbeat, sweets filled soiree:

Rainbows and Butterflies….With a Side of Chocolate - Soiree Party Ideas

Here are the individual images that I found and the fantastic sites I found each of them on:

Rainbow Butterfly Birthday Invitation – created and sold by CharlesAlexDesign on Etsy

Fruit Heart Kebobs – shared on a roundup on 100 Days of Real Food

Colorful Berry Spring Tart – recipe shared on My Little Expat Kitchen

Raspberry and White Chocolate Bites – shared on New Nostalgia

Blue and White Chocolate Butterflies – shared via How To Cook That on YouTube

Summer Berry Cones – shared on The Cottage Mama

Bite Size Rainbow Brownie Kabobs – recipe shared Cake Whiz

Stacked Chocolate Brownies with Flowers and Butterflies – shared Louise’s Kitchen …. & Other Rooms

If you could add ONE more thing to this party, what would it be?

My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas

Each week I try and share my latest inspired party or wedding idea board with you. This week, however, I’m sharing something I can’t get enough of. I’m sharing with you my all-time, favorite Harry Potter party ideas. If you follow either of my accounts on Pinterest you are most likely familiar with this board, this one, or maybe even this one. I’m a huge fan, to say the least. This week is all of my favorite Harry Potter party ideas combined into one magical party.

Someday I hope to be able to throw a party in my own home as themed out as this:

My Favorite Harry Potter Party Ideas by Unique Pastiche Events

Be sure to find all of the details for each image on the links below the pictures:

Marauder’s Map Harry Potter Birthday Invitation Printable – created and sold by PrintyMuch on Etsy

Harry Potter Caramel Sorting Hat – tutorial shared on Candy Bar Cupcakes

Galaxy Night Sky and Floating Candles Décor – shared on Eating Bender

3 Tier Harry Potter Cake – shared by Oakleaf Cakes on Flickr

“Have You Seen This Wizard?” Harry Potter Photo Booth – shared on Fun-Filled Flicks

Harry Potter Personalized House Ribbon – created and sold by didgeandstitch on Etsy

Harry Potter House Banner Décor – shared on Home Stories A to Z

Mandrake Cupcakes – spotted on Pinterest

In Case of Dementor Attack Eat Me Candies – shared on See Suzy Spin

Printable Halloween Book Covers – shared on Little House on the Corner

Hogwarts Cookies – shared by Lucy Samuels on Flickr

Hogwarts House Colors Checkered Cake – recipe and tutorial shared by Bakingdom

Glitter Potion Bottle – tutorial shared on

Fold Your Own Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Box with Wizard Cards Printable – created and sold by RockYourWalls on Etsy


Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?