Is This The Future of Wedding “Norms”?

Humans Control the Weather with LASERS!

The crew over at SourceFed shared this interesting new story about the future of weather. Well, us controlling it at least.

Is this going to be the new future of wedding norms? Paying to have a perfectly cloudless day as you say your vows? I’m sure this is a luxury we will have eventually, but who knew it was in our foreseeable future?

How much would you pay to have your wedding completely rain free?


Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Today I’m going to keep this intro short because, well the pictures and ideas for this week’s board are just too darn pretty. You need to see them for yourself. This wedding inspiration boards is all things blush pink and gold. There are lots of floral and gold accents, arguably, the girly-est of girly weddings.

Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

Blush Pink and Gold Wedding

You can see all of the lovely places where these pictures are from by the follow links:

Pink and Gold Cake – shared on Beautiful Cake Pictures

Lovely Water-lily Cupcake & Flower Cupcake – by Connie Cupcake, shared on their Facebook

Rose Aisle Décor – by Jada Lee Events

Candelabra Spray Roses for Wedding Ceremony – seen on Christine Farah Photography

Wedding Ceremony (Drapes, Chandeliers and Floral) – seen on White Lilac Inc.

Pink and Gold Cake Pops – shared by My Cake Pops

Pink and Gold Vintage Wedding Invitations – by Alexandria Lindo on Etsy

Pink and Gold Place Settings and Dinner Menu –  seen on Capital Style

Candelabra Centerpieces and Tablescape – seen on this pin

Pink Reception Room – seen on this pin

Would you rather have a super girly wedding, a more “neutral” wedding, or a really themed wedding?

Wine and Cheese Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuu!

Ok, well maybe it is not ACTUALLY your birthday. Yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t start dropping hints now! This week’s party inspiration is all about wine and cheese, and how you can turn them into an entire birthday bash.

This party is perfect for foodies, or people you want to throw a surprise bash for, but know they won’t really like.

Key elements for this event:

  • Tons of selection – this goes for wine AND cheeses! Don’t just get what you like, everyone’s gotta eat!
  • Other options – not everything can be wine and cheese, there is always someone who doesn’t like it, and see above about selection.
  • Light music – this is going to be a mix and mingle event (more than likely) so don’t let there be any awkward silence. Pandora can help you find some light background music if you need a last minute fix.

If you are looking for pairing ideas or just a lite of basic wines and cheeses to choose from, check out my board on Pinterest devoted specifically to Wine & Cheese Parties. I’ve got several good charts and infographics that will likely help you out when deciding what to pick up.

Oh, and make sure to check out where I got all of these lovely images:

Bite Sized Bake Brie – recipe shared by Joy the Baker

Wine and Cheese Birthday Cake – seen on this pin

Traditional Bruschetta (with recipe!) – shared by A Rosy Note

Olive Oil Dipping Bar – seen on this pin

Bag of Grapes – shared by Ruffled

Wine and Cheese Cupcakes – shared by Cupcakeando

Wine and Cheese Birthday Party Invitations  – created by Greylelin on Etsy

Chalkboard Wine & Cheese Spread – seen on this pin

What is your favorite type of wine to sip on at a party?

Navy, Polka Dot and Pearl Wedding

Picture this: It’s the end of summer. You are at a lakeside country club; the sun is getting ready to set for the evening. The “I Dos” are said near a rustic dock, which is perfect for pictures after.  Your favorite vintage car is sitting out front, ready for your grand exit later that evening.

After the ceremony you walk into the banquet room at the country club and see pearly white and polka dot accents throughout the room, and a band is already playing in the background.

I’ve got a retro-y throw back wedding in mind for this event. Retro, but modern. I was trying to capture a little bit of the fifties feeling with this week’s inspiration board. A modern pearl finish cake, a little bit of pearly decorations with some polka dots thrown in for accents.

Possibly my most favorite part of this wedding would be the end. Well not the end of it, but towards the end of the reception. I LOVE the after dinner cordials bar. Set up with the right liquors, fresh hot coffee and hot chocolate, and those chocolate mint stirring sticks everyone loves. How could you not enjoy that?  Anyways, less talking more pictures! I give you this week’s design board:

Navy, Polka Dot and Peal Wedding

Navy, Polka Dot and Peal Wedding

Check out the awesome places these pictures came from:

Navy and White Polka Dot Cupcake Flags – by Bbond0520 on Etsy

Navy and Peach Confetti Wedding Invitation Package – by Love Love Me Do Designs on Etsy

Navy Blue Polka Dot Napkins – by ME2Designs on Etsy

Polka Dot Navy Table Runner by Plumfield Shop on Etsy

DIY Pearl and Candle Centerpiece – seen on this pin

Baby’s Breath and Pearl White Centerpieces – seen on this pin

Navy Chair Sashes – seen on this pin here, shared by Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Pearl Polka Dot Wedding cake – seen on this pin

Coffee & Cordials Station – shared by Crystal Ballroom NJ on this pin

What do you think about using polka dots at weddings?

Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

You know what’s NOT fun? Back to school anything. Every year it seems like kids summers are getting shorter and shorter. This year I saw “back to school” ads as early as June! Some kids are still IN school in June. That is just crazy. I ask you, what is the world coming to?

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, moral of the story is we need to help make summer last! I’d make it a national campaign if I had the funding…… Now I get it, not everyone lives beach side, or has beach worthy weather year round, I get it I do. BUT if the weather is right, I think you could host a beach themed birthday party (or end of summer party) up through August, maybe even early September. And why shouldn’t you really? Think of it as a grand finale, a final sunset if you will, to summer.

Here is my mood board for hosting a party such as this:

Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

Beach Themed {Poolside} Birthday Party

Make sure to check out all of the lovely places I sourced these images from:

Beach Ball Cake Pops – by Bakerella

Sand Cups Party Treats – shared by Rebecca Mealey

Sunburnt Punch – shared by Jaclyn D

Sand Dollar Cookies – seen on Diamonds For Dessert

Palm Tree Straws – seen on Country Woman

Palm Tree Backdrop (with tutorial) – shared by Mimi’s Dollhouse

Summer Cake Pops – by Sweet Whimsy Shop on Etsy

Beach Themed Cookies – by LovinOvenCookies on Etsy

Flip Flop Cookies – shared by Kara’s Party Ideas

DIY Beach Ball Garland – shared on Studio DIY

Crab Sandwiches – seen on this pin

Beach Invitations – by NHACreatives on Etsy

If you could have any one part of summer year round, what would it be and why?