Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Do you love peacock feathers?  I do! They are one of my favorite color combinations. Not to mention they naturally have a shimmer and shine to them. This week’s idea board is for a modern and bright peacock wedding.

Why modern and bright? If you were to do a quick search for “peacock weddings”, you’d see tons of beautiful events shared, but so many of them are so dark! Not intentionally, but the colors that people tend to pick out of the feather usually combine into a rather dark and almost dated look.

For this idea board, I really wanted to focus on the bright and vibrant colors in a traditional peacock feather and have those be the front and center part of the design scheme.  I’d love to see this theme used for a young couple, in the middle of summer, looking for a bunch of color at their wedding, but still keeping it clean and modern looking.

Key details for this event:

  • Don’t over do the peacock feather itself – you don’t need to plaster them on everything!
  • Use pops of colors – pick your top two choices, for this event blue and green, and use the other colors as “pops” throughout the event design
  • Keep it clean – for this to work, you need to keep clean lines, keep thinking modern, and don’t get carried away with the peacock clutter that is so easy to get
Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

Modern & Bright Peacock Wedding Ideas

I got all of these pretty pictures from….

Modern Peacock Cake – shared on Craftsy

Blue Napkin & Peacock Feather Place Setting – seen on this pin

Peacock & Blue Tablescape – shared by A Day to Remember

Peacock Candy Buffet – seen here on Wedding Bee

Peacock Cookies – seen on Arty McGoo

Blue & Peacock Place Setting – shared by Pier 1 on this pin

Green & White Reception Lounge – seen on this pin

Green & White Tablescape – seen on this pin

Peacock Wedding Cookie Favors – by Whimsical Originals DB on Etsy

Peacock Wedding Invitation Suite – by Allis Studio on Etsy

If you were having a peacock wedding, what two colors would you choose to be your main color scheme?


Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

Oh-la-la indeed!

Picture all of your girlfriends, champagne, lingerie, pink decor, and fun games. What doesn’t sound good about that? A lingerie bridal shower has all of that, and more!

This type of bridal shower is best for the bride with lots of girlfriends (the more the merrier) because there are so many fun games to be played at this type of shower. I love the ones were each guest brings a pair of panties or lingerie (specifically in the brides size of course!) and they all get hung up on a clothes line. The bride has to try and figure out who picked out which pair. I’ve pinned a few lingerie party games on Pinterest if you are interested in reading more ideas.

While I choose to make this idea board in pink and black, any fun girlie combination will do! Just make sure you get lots of fun décor in coordinating colors to really set the mood.

If a lingerie themed bridal shower isn’t your thing, check out my other idea boards for bridal showers here.

Key elements to this event would be:

  • Color scheme – I went with black and pink, but pink and white, or black and white, or use the brides favorite color.
  • Cute, light snacks and nibbles – we ladies are always trying to watch our figure! Besides, we are there to support the bride, not have a full meal.
  • Décor – go all out girlie! There is likely not going to be any guys there sulking in the corner from pink overload, so bring on the floral, pinks and fluff!
Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas {in PINK and BLACK}

You can see where I’ve used these beautiful images from here….

Images used:

Panty Line – seen on this pin here (has a cute poem that goes with it)

Corset Centerpieces – shared by Hostess with the Mostess

Personalized Lingerie Bottle Openers – by Bebesniklefritz on Etsy

Ooh-la-la Bridal Shower Banner – by ElegantEvee on Etsy

Personalized Corsets Inserts (with Bride’s sizes!) – by Cottonfieldfarm on Etsy

Pink Corset Soap Favors – by BBSoaps on Etsy

Custom Bridal Shower Bingo – by KreativeCupcake on Etsy

Lingerie Zebra Print Bridal Shower Initiations – by PinkSkyPrintables on Etsy

Bride to Be Banner – by BannerCheer on Etsy

Custom Corset Cookies – by 3CSC on Etsy

What is your favorite bridal shower game?

Rainforest Jungle Themed Fundraiser Inspiration

Looking for a fun new theme for your next party? If you are looking for ideas for your next celebration, fundraiser, or anything else in between, say no to the done (and overdone!) Night in New York or Derby themes, and try something new!

The rainforest jungle theme is so versatile, and can be used for so many different types of events.  For those willing to go all out at their events will be sure to leave their guests saying WOW!

Now, if you are not in Florida like I am, this event will probably only make sense during the summer time. But if you COULD host it, and you COULD go all out, wouldn’t it be awesome?

In the perfect setting, guests would be welcomed in through an outdoor butterfly habitat, and walk through luscious tropical plants as they make their way into the party. Light fog and background music true to the sounds of the rainforest would welcome them into the jungle of a party. Oh, and lots of fruity drinks for everyone! Umbrellas optional.

Key elements to this event would be:

  • The surrounding- The more tropical foliage, the better!
  • The palate – fruity fun drinks and tropical flavors are a must.
  • Linen prints – keep the prints to a select few of your favorite animal prints that are roughly the same scale for a cohesive look. Use them as accents if possible, so to not overwhelm the look.
Rainforest Jungle Themed Fundraiser Party Inspiration

Rainforest Jungle Themed Fundraiser Party Inspiration


You can see where I’ve used these beautiful images from here….

Images used:

Butterfly Habitat – shared on Flickr by Black Diamond Images

Green Bamboo Paper Straws – by Jazzy Apple Gal on Etsy

Jungle Drink Station – shared by Charlene on Catch My Party

Zebra Cake Pops – by Creative Cakepops

Parrot from Pineapple – seen on this pin

Palm Tree Food Spread – seen on this pin

Palm Tree Leaf & Pink Tablescape – seen on this pin

Tropical Leaf Green Tablescape – seen on this pin

Animal Print Place Settings & Napkins – by The Jewish Hostess

 Would you attend a rainforest themed fundraiser party?

Mirrors and Chandeliers {Glamorous Evening Wedding Inspiration}

Mirrors and Chandeliers {Glamorous Evening Wedding Inspiration}

Mirrors and Chandeliers {Glamorous Evening Wedding Inspiration}

This week’s event inspiration is all about the glam! Mirrors and chandeliers, silver and black create this amazing event design. What I love most about this idea is that while it has a very lux feel to it, it COULD be done on a smaller scale.

Think about it, not all of the mirrors and chandeliers used are exactly the same. With a little planning, and a lot of time at flea markets and thrift shops, this event could be achieved by any DIYer out there patient enough to keep on hunting.

Key elements to this event:

  • Black and silver accents -these compliment the mirrors and chandeliers without taking the focus off of them
  • Lighting – this is a no brainer. You are going to need quite the team to hang all of these chandeliers and get them working. And mirrors are just no good without some light to reflect.
  • Evening – the later in the day, the better. To really make the glam feel of this event come to life, you are going to want the chandeliers to be the light of the night, and that just won’t happen in the afternoon lighting.

Check out where these lovely images come from….

Images originally seen on:

Mirror Display Boxes – found on Shop Ten 25

Disco Ball & Chandelier Room – seen on this pin (no original source)

Mirror Collage Wall – seen on Style Me Pretty

Raised Crystal and Black Candle Centerpieces – seen on The Knot

Chandelier Wedding Ballroom – shared by Swank Productions on Pinterest

Custom Chandelier Wedding Invitation – by Suite Paper on Etsy

Mirror Charger Plate & Napkin – seen on Have A Seat – Luxury Linens and Decor

Chandelier Cake – seen on this pin (no original source working)

What is your favorite part of this inspiration board?

Enchantment Under The Shimmery Sea Wedding Inspiration

I am so pleased to be sharing the first wedding and event inspiration board with you here on Unique Pastiche Events!

My goal is to share at least one new inspiration board with you each week. Don’t worry, they won’t all be weddings. In fact, I plan on doing everything from weddings, to dinner parties, high end lux events to DIY based soirees, plus so much more!

Since we are still getting to know each other, and this is the first inspiration post I’ve shared here, I’ll give you an overview of how it works:

Each week I select a type of event and a theme. From there I develop a vision in my mind of what would make that particular occasion unique, memorable, and exciting for both the host and the guests. The next part is my favorite: image sourcing! I scour my Pinterest boards and the net to find various elements that would really help make up the event. Anything and everything from lighting, beautiful tablescapes, invitations, linens, party favors….you name it and I am probably looking for it! I try and find the images that best represent my vision, and combine them into one idea board (or a mood board for some people).

After that is all done, you get to see my finished inspiration board right here on the blog, along with a little summary of my vision, and of course all of the links that I could find to the images.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way….let’s get on to this week’s design.

Enchantment Under The Shimmery Sea Wedding Inspiration

Enchantment Under The Shimmery Sea Wedding Inspiration by Unique Pastiche Events

This week my inspiration challenge was to create a spectacular nighttime wedding. The theme would be “Enchantment Under The Shimmery Sea”, complete with a live band of course! It would be only natural to try and host this wedding at an aquarium if possible, but this design could be achieved in most ballrooms with the right team. A themed photo booth area is a must for this type of event, as well as the lighting. Lighting can make or break this type of wedding!

Make sure to check out the original sources I’ve hyper-linked below.

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Welcome to Unique Pastiche Events!

If you are looking for wedding and event inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! This site is where I will be sharing with you my weekly ideas and inspiration boards, as well as sharing event planning tips and tricks along the way.

Here is a little bit about me:

My name is Sasha, and I am currently an Independent Events Contractor working in the Central Florida area and founder of Unique Pastiche Events. I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s: Rosen College of Hospitality Management program with my bachelor’s degree in Event Management. My passion is for special events, but especially event design.

What is event design you ask? I consider event design to be the creation and concept that goes into every part of an event. Sometimes it is referred to as the theme of the event, but I look it more as being the guiding light that connects and pulls together all of the different elements that go into a wedding, party or event. I want the events that I design; regardless of the budget involved, to be unique and memorable, and not something straight out of a box.

Moving forward, you can expect to see lots of event and wedding inspiration from me! If you have an event coming up and think you may be in need of my services as either a planner and coordinator, or designer, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to be a part of your special event!